Keepin' it cute- Tips for caring for your candles

1. Burn your candles for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. Burning your candles for longer than the recommended time can risk your candle jar overheating, cracking and shattering, 

2. If your anything like me making sure you get the most out of your candles than pay close attention to this tip, trim your candle wick before relighting for longer-lasting burning candles. 

3. life gets a little busy sometimes I get it, just take a moment and blow out your candle if you're going to step out of the room. Never leave your candle unattended around children and pets.

4. Place your candle on an even surface, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a cool and dry area. 

5. Easy way to extinguish your candle is simply by tightening the lid on your candle jar. 

6. Clean up is a breeze! Just soap and warm to hot water to clean out your candle jar and reuse it again to toss loose change, paper clips, pens, or pencils combinations are up to you. 

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